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Temperable Low-e
Temperable Low-e

Temperable Low-e

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Tempered Low-e glasses are one of the best options in terms of thermal insulation and energy efficiency. These glasses aim to minimize heat loss while reflecting sunlight.

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What Does It Do?

Benefits of Temperable Low-e Glass: Temperable Low-e glasses are designed to increase energy efficiency and regulate the interior climate of your home. These glasses allow sunlight to enter, while at the same time reducing energy loss.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation: Temperable Low-e glasses offer a high level of thermal insulation that maintains the interior temperature of your home. It also provides a high level of sound insulation to reduce the noise level outside.

How is it produced?

Production Process: Temperable Low-e glasses are first applied with a metal coating on the glass plates. The glass plates are then processed at high temperatures in the tempering furnace and the metal coating adheres to the surface of the glass.

Production Technology: Temperable Low-e glasses are produced with the latest technology machinery and equipment. Therefore, the glasses offer top quality and efficiency.

In Which Situations Is It Used?

Home Use: Temperable Low-e glass is ideal for home windows and balcony doors. These glasses increase the value of your home by increasing the interior comfort and energy efficiency of the home.

Use in Workplaces: Temperable Low-e glasses can also be used for office and workplace windows. These glasses increase the energy efficiency of the workplace, reduce energy costs and help regulate the indoor climate.