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Laminated Glass
Laminated Glass

Laminated Glass

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Laminated glass is one of the best options for increasing safety and increasing sound insulation. Lord Glass offers the highest quality laminated glass solutions.

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What is Laminated Glass and Why is it Preferred?

Laminated glass is a type of glass that is combined with a material between the glasses. This material allows the glass to add durability and flexibility to its structure. Laminated glass increases safety and is an ideal choice for homes or offices, as it retains broken pieces in case of glass breakage. It also saves energy by reducing sunlight.

Laminated Glass and Thermal Insulation

Laminated glasses increase thermal insulation with the material added between the glasses. Therefore, it saves energy and increases the level of comfort in homes and offices. Heat-insulated windows prevent the heat from being thrown out in your home or office and reduce energy costs.

Laminated Glass and Solar Control

Laminated windows provide solar control by reducing sunlight. This minimizes the harmful effects of sunlight in offices and homes and saves energy by preventing sunlight from entering. In addition, preventing sunlight from entering your office or home ensures a spacious and comfortable environment.

Laminated Glass and Sound Insulation

Laminated glasses increase the comfort and convenience of the environment by increasing the sound insulation. This prevents sound escaping in offices and homes, and prevents sound from escaping, providing a quieter and more comfortable environment. In addition, sound-insulating glazing ensures that people inside are not affected by outside noise and noise sources.

Laminated Glass and Special Production

Laminated glasses can be produced in special sizes and shapes. It offers custom-made glasses for different needs. Special production glasses can be produced in accordance with the drawings from the architects.