Insulating Glasses – Solar Control Glasses

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Insulating Glasses – Solar Control Glasses
Insulating Glasses – Solar Control Glasses

Insulating Glasses – Solar Control Glasses

Lord Glass Products

Lord Glass Limited Company offers insulating glass systems that offer excellent solar control and energy efficiency.

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Controlling Sunlight:

Solar control glasses prevent interiors from being damaged by sunlight. These windows allow only as much sunlight as needed indoors, increasing energy efficiency and reducing the risk of sunburn.

Thermal insulation:

Solar control glasses help balance hot and cold air currents. This saves energy and reduces air conditioning costs by maintaining the temperature of indoor spaces.

UV Protection of Sunlight:

Solar control glasses eliminate the harmful effects of UV rays and ensure that indoor spaces are healthy and safe. It also provides protection for the colors of your interiors such as furniture, curtains and carpets.

Aesthetic look:

Solar control glasses make interiors protected from the harmful effects of sunlight look brighter and more beautiful. In addition, the appearance of the windows also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the interiors.