History of Glass and Glass in Turkey

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History of Glass and Glass in Turkey

History of Glass and Glass in Turkey

Glass History

The history of glass goes back to about 3000 years ago. Glass making was discovered in Ancient Egypt, and after this discovery, it was also developed in the Roman, Byzantine and Islamic worlds. In the 19th century, the glass industry made a great leap forward and today, different types and usage areas of glass have developed. Today, glass is used in thousands of industrial applications, buildings, vehicles and homes in a multitude of products used in our daily lives.

Glass Industry in Turkey

Turkey, with its historical background, natural resources and favorable economic conditions, provides a suitable environment for the glass industry. The glass industry in Turkey developed rapidly in the middle of the 20th century and today there are many glass manufacturers and processing plants in the country. Turkey is one of the leading countries in glass production, processing and placement and serves many international manufacturers for high quality glass products.

Heat Insulated Glass and Laminated Glass

Heat-insulated glass is a type of glass with low heat transmittance and is used in buildings to increase energy efficiency. Laminated glass is a type of glass formed by placing a polymer film between two or more layers of glass. Laminated glass has many benefits such as safety, noise and heat insulation. It provides high quality services in the production and placement of products such as heat insulated glass and laminated glass in Turkey.