Glass Tempering

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Temperable Glass Production

Temperable glass is a type of glass that can be deformed by the effect of heat. Temperable glass is shaped by heating and cooling at certain temperatures during production. As a result of this process, the tendency of the glass to break is reduced and its durability is increased.

Glass Tempering Process

The glass tempering process involves heating and rapid cooling of the glass. The glass is heated at certain temperatures, causing microscopic damage. During cooling, these damages are partially lost and the strength of the glass is increased.

Temperable Glass Advantages

Temperable glass has a more durable and strong structure. In addition, the risk of breakage is reduced and the safety of the glass is increased. Temperable glass also reduces UV light and temperature without degrading image quality.

Temperable Glass Equipment

For the production of temperable glass, equipment capable of heating and rapid cooling at certain temperatures is required. These equipment should be able to change the temperature of the glass at certain intervals and at a certain speed. Correct setup and calibration of equipment is essential for the production of quality temperable glass.