Glass Hole Punch

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Why is Glass Perforation Necessary?

According to the functional purposes of the glasses, it is necessary to drill certain sized holes. Glass perforation is done to meet functional needs such as ventilation, communication or control of sunlight. Certain techniques are used according to the physical properties and strengthening of the glass.

How is Glass Hole Drilling Made?

Glass hole drilling, which is done using professional equipment and machinery, requires precision. It is guaranteed that the glass will not be scratched, deformed and its quality will not deteriorate during the drilling process. Glass hole drilling can be done using techniques such as cutting, grinding, milling.

Maintenance and Protection After Glass Perforation

After the glass hole drilling process, suitable protectors are used to prevent damage to the glass. Regular maintenance is recommended to keep the glass durable and high quality for a long time. Appropriate preservation techniques are used to prevent the glass from being scratched or deformed.

Glass Perforation Process and ISO Quality Standards

Glass hole drilling is done in accordance with quality standards such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In order to guarantee quality and safety, control and inspection are carried out at all stages. Glass hole drilling in accordance with ISO standards ensures the satisfaction and safety of customers.