Glass Enamel Painting

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What is Glass Enamel Painting?

Glass enamel painting is an aesthetic and decorative method that is applied to the surface of the glass. Glass enamel painting technique provides a strong protection to the surface without disturbing the structure of the glass. Thanks to this technique, glasses can be painted in desired colors and patterns.

Glass Enamel Painting Advantages

Glass enamel painting helps the glasses not be affected by sunlight or current conditions. It also increases the durability of the glasses and provides water resistance. Glass enamel painting also changes and updates the exterior of the glasses.

Glass Enamel Painting Methods

Glass enamel painting methods can be done with different methods such as screen printing, glass digital ceramic printing and glass enamel painting machines. Each method can yield a product with different results.

Glass Enamel Painting Application

Glass enamel painting application, the glass must be cleaned and prepared before the application. Afterwards, paint is applied to the surface of the glass with the appropriate method. After the application is completed, a certain period of time is waited for the glass to dry and become permanent.

Glass Enamel Painting Prices

Glass enamel painting prices may vary depending on the type of painting to be done, its dimensions and the technique to be applied. In addition, the size, shape and structure of the glass can also affect the price. Glass enamel painting prices are generally determined by market prices and different prices may be offered by different companies.