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Glass Bonding Products
Glass Bonding Products

Glass Bonding Products

Lord Glass Products

Lord Glass Limited Company offers the latest technological bonding solutions for the secure bonding of glass.

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Glass Adhesive Products: Usage Areas and Properties

Glass bonding products is a name given to all of the quality adhesives used to bond glasses together.These products are used in buildings, automobiles, industrial plants and similar areas where treated glass is often required.Glass bonding products are made of quality materials and have a strong bonding capacity.In this way, air leakage or moisture formation between the glasses is prevented and they are securely connected to each other.Glass bonding products are also water-resistant, UV-resistant and lightweight.In this way, long-term adhesion between the glasses is ensured and the gaps between the glasses do not need to be updated.

Glass Adhesive Products: Application and Cleaning

Glass bonding products can be applied easily and quickly.After the product is applied between the glasses, it dries in a short time and provides a completely permanent adhesion.Cleaning is also very easy.Glass bonding products can be cleaned with soap and water and the adhesive quality is not deteriorated.In addition, these products do not run the risk of weakening or contamination over time.

Glass Bonding Products: Quality and Reliability

Glass bonding products are produced by Lord Glass Limited Company with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.In this way, we offer our customers the best quality and reliable glass bonding products.